Kortleser Desfire/Sector med lys i pinpad Vis større

Kortleser Desfire/Sector med lys i pinpad



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Product Name
Mifare DESFire Reader with keypad
Model No.
DESFire Mifare Sector series are available with metal keypad and without metal keypad options for customer end applications. The communication interfaces between the reader and tags are with RS232, ABA TK2, Wiegand or RS485 to match the integration requirement. What is more for the series:
Serves as a versatile configurable reader bundled with a utility developed by Promag engineering teams which is easy to set up for Buzz or LED color indication.

Has the IP 66 certificate to secure the critical installation environment. Also passed the R&TTE, FCC approval

Protected by mutual three passes authentication, DES & 3 DES MACing/Encipherment.

Classic housing and various models offer customers wide coverage to select for their application demand. The inside buzzer and LED are able to configured by the bundled utility.