Plastkort hvite iCLASS + HIDProx + Mifare1k med HiCo magnet Vis større

Plastkort hvite iCLASS + HIDProx + Mifare1k med HiCo magnet



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Hvitt HID iCLASS kort + Mifare 1k og HiCo magnetstripe (2750 oersted)

Card, iClass, Mifare 1k, 13.56 MHz, 2K/2 application area, configured, front gloss, magnetic stripe, no iClass number, no slot


  • 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card provides high speed, reliable communications with high data integrity, ensuring high security with mutual authentication, encrypted data transfer and 64-bit diversified keys for read/write capabilities
  • Card data is protected by triple DES encryption
  • Meets ISO/IEC 15693 and 14443B standards for contactless communications
  • 32Kb standard (2Kb available with 1KB MIFARE Classic only)

MIFARE® Classic

  • MIFARE Classic offers fast and convenient transactions and is used worldwide for access control, cashless vending and public transportation applications
  • MIFARE Application Directory (MAD) allows flexible programming of additional applications to the MIFARE Classic card
  • MIFARE Classic technology uses a mutual authentication and data encryption with a 32/56 bit serial number
  • 4KB standard (1KB available with 2Kb iCLASS only)

All those cards are delivered as an ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 Card format.

adobe pdf HID iCLASS / MIFARE / HID PROX datasheet