Kortleser MiFare/I-CODE serieport 8CM t PIN fi Vis større

Kortleser MiFare/I-CODE serieport 8CM t PIN fi



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Idesco Access 8 CM t Kortleser 13,56 KHz

Access 8 CMpin t

The reader reads compatible application specific data from one selected sector of the Mifare® Standard transponders and supports also Mifare® Multi-application transponders

Robust, maintenance-free and beautifully designed pin pad reader. Stock colour is black, lens colour options black and transparent. Several other housing colours, also metallic colours available as an option.

  • Reader Type: Smart Card
  • Standalone/ Networkable: Networkable
  • IP Rating: IP47
  • Keypad Integrated: Yes
  • LED / Beep: LED / Beep
  • Wiegand Interface: Yes
  • Clock-and-Data Interface: Yes
  • Electrical Specifications:
    • Voltage: 24 V
    • Power Consumption: 130 mA
  • Physical Specifications:
    • Dimensions mm: 138 x 44 x 24
  • Environmental Specifications:
    • Operating Temp oC: -40 ~ +55
  • Protection: Vandal Resistant

Model Info:

Access 8 CMpin t improves security in access control by providing pin code identification to be used together with an identification card. The keypad of the reader is based on EMFi foil technology. There are no moving parts in the pin pad, and due to this no maintenance is required. The foil as well as the electrical parts of the reader are cast in epoxy and are therefore safe from damage inside the reader.